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Templeton 10 Year Old Reserve Rye

Templeton Distillery is proud to announce the launch of the Templeton Distillery Entrepreneur’s Grant program, which will award three small businesses $10,000 each. The grants are designed to help ignite the spark of these budding companies, just like early producers in the small town of Templeton, Iowa were inspired by the idea to craft what was commonly known as “Templeton Rye” over 100 years ago. The launch of the grant program is timed alongside the debut of Templeton’s new 10 Year Reserve Rye Whiskey, complete with a refreshed look, marking a new chapter for the brand that respects the past yet is inspired by the future.

The newest addition to the core line is the Templeton Rye 10 Year Reserve, a true expression of what American rye whiskey can become, with each release bottled from a hand-selected single barrel. The whiskey is aged a full decade in charred new American oak barrels, resulting in flavor notes of smooth, dark oak with honeyed floral notes and the distillery’s signature rye spice. Every good revival has a way of bringing history into the now, so the new 10 Year Reserve along with the 4 and 6 Year, will be featured in refreshed packaging. Together with a community that has rallied behind the brand from day one, Templeton’s new offering and look will highlight a refocus on a company that’s centered around where it comes from, as well as where it’s headed next.

The 10 Year Old Reserve Rye presents at 104 proof with an SRP of $85 for a 750ml bottle.