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Russell’s Reserve 13 Year Old

Russell’s Reserve 13 Year Old pays tribute to the distillery’s heritage and the legacy pioneered by venerated Master Distiller Jimmy Russell while showcasing Eddie’s innovative talents and expert ability to develop supreme flavors through careful aging and a keen sense for identifying only the highest quality barrels. The result is a daring, batch-specific new statement with enticing flavors, such as notes of plum, chocolate, and toasted brown sugar, that speak to the ever-evolving mastery of the Russell family.

Savoring Russell’s Reserve 13 Year Old is an experience like no other. The barrel-proof bourbon coats the palate with sweet and warming flavors rising from the harmonious marriage of dried dark fruit and charred confectionary notes. Those sweet and woody notes give way to rich flavors of honey, chocolate and nougat throughout, followed by a strong and lasting finish.

The introduction of Russell’s Reserve 13 Year Old is the latest in the Russell’s Reserve lineup, which boasts an award-winning portfolio of bourbon and rye whiskies to suit the palate of any drinker, regardless of where they are on their journey of bourbon enjoyment.

Best enjoyed neat or on the rocks, Russell’s Reserve 13 Year Old will be available in the United States at $69.99 SRP per bottle for a limited time only.