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First introduced at the 2018 Geneva Auto Show, Croatian manufacturer Rimac has unveiled the Nevera electric hypercar in its final production-ready form. The Nevera features an active aero system that can convert to a high-downforce setup for corners and an ultra low-drag configuration of 0.3 Cd for straights, enabling a top speed of 258 MPH. For custom-designed electric motors power each wheel, making a staggering total of 1,914 horsepower, good for a claimed 0-62 sprint of 1.85 seconds. Another clean-sheet design is the H-shaped battery pack that is an integral part of the carbon fiber monocoque chassis. Thanks to its electric powertrain, the Nevera aims to be as tame in everyday driving as it is a terror on the track, with room for two people, racing suits, and luggage. Tech features like the exclusive AI Driver Coach record data and offers suggestions on improving one’s driving technique. The Nevera will be limited to 150 units worldwide.