Rémy Martin Tercet

Today marks the official launch of Rémy Martin’s new permanent expression Tercet.

Rémy Martin Tercet is an inspiration from 3 artisans: Rémy Martin’s Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau, Wine Master Francis Nadeau, and Master Distiller Jean-Marie Bernard. The complimentary trio worked together distilling, blending, and forming a bond of companionship whilst this new cognac took shape. They combined their expertise to reveal the best of the Cognac terroir and the essence of grapes from Petite and Grande Champagne. The result is a blend from a selection of fresh and fruit-forward of eaux-de-vie (distillates) with a singular taste profile that breaks the conventions of cognac. A blend that is the epitome of the Rémy Martin ethos, one of collaboration for excellence.

Price: $109.99

Where To Buy:

1. Mission Trails Wine & Spirits

2. Sip Whiskey