Whiskey Del Bac Ode to Islay American Single Malt

Heavily Mesquited Whiskey

Ode to islay (Formerly Winter Release) is our way to raise a glass to tradition and pave our own way using Southwestern ingredients. Inspired by the heavily peated single malts of Islay, it’s made with mesquite instead of peat.

Ode To Islay

Ode to Islay is a more substantially smoked Dorado American single malt whiskey, matured in new American White Oak finished in ex-bourbon barrels. Bold while simultaneously refined.

Our Notes

On the nose, you may find cocoa nibs, cinnamon, charred mesquite, and earth. On the palate, are caramel-dipped apples, sour cherry, and dulce de leche. When neat, soft vanilla up front, blossoming into plumes of mesquite smoke and white pepper, tapering off into soft cinnamon and candied toffee. On the rocks, you may find the mesquite moves to the forefront, contrasting against new notes of vanilla and dried stone fruit. The pepper spice recedes, replaced by notes of honey and butterscotch. Or recommendation is to serve with one large ice cube.


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