The Whiskey Library Anthology Series Volume II Chapter I

On May 20, 2017, the Whiskey Library DC and a small group of friends, in partnership with District Made Spirits, barreled a whiskey distilled from 100% malted rye. An experiment at the time, this bottle is the brainchild of Whiskey Library founders Brian Thompson and Tim Moll.

Brian, an avid American whiskey fan, and Tim, a lover of single malt Scotch, founded The Whiskey Library in 2014. Three years later, they had the opportunity to create their own whiskey. In addition to a standard rye (Anthology Volume I) and bourbon (Volume II), they knew they wanted to create a whiskey that represented their shared passions: a typical American grain (rye), distilled in a manner similar to Scotch. Thus, this Straight Malt Rye Whiskey from Washington, DC. Was born.


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