Templeton Rye Stout Cask Finished

Originally matured to perfection for six years in American oak flame-charred barrels and expertly finished in bourbon barrel-aged chocolate coffee stout casks for three months an outlet for innovation, our limited release cask finish series offers an annual unique twist on what rye can be. The stout cask finish is release no. 4 in our cask finish series.

Stout cask background: Imperial stout brewed with coffee and chocolate and then bourbon barrel-aged to perfection. silky and full-bodied notes of vanilla, cocoa, roasted coffee, and charred oak

Aroma: Aromas of roasted chocolate, creamy cocoa, and dried apricot hint spectacularly at what’s to come

Taste: Complex and full bodied with sweet malt and roasted barley that dovetail with black cherries and toasted almonds, giving way to subtle coffee tones over a base of rye pepper and spice

Finish: Perfectly balanced with a creamy mouth feel of roasted coffee and cocoa that slowly dissipates into a long decadent finish


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