Samaroli Single Malt Scotch Ledaig 1992

Here is a moment for those who love sherry-aged whisky. Marble-like, statuesque, represent and shiny as ivory column. As architects, we see this result come alive from a sketch to the space between earth and sky.

Incisive, intense, multi-faceted. Gifted and aggressive. A joyful bouquet and a Tower of Babel arching over our palate. First innuendos of film, solvent: we are in a photographers darkroom. Then a change of scene: a close-up on hints of toasted grains, wet leather and undergrowth. Pungent in the mouth, difficult on occasion. Not immediately pliable to our wishes -it’s hiding from us. Saline, but graciously. Peaty, but with class. The alcohol can be impertinent.

The sherry, and that sundown light, cutting across shadows entwine the colonnades and roofs of this Rome of ours. You will see it too. And you will feel it all in your own special way.


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