Samaroli Magnifico Single Malt Scotch 1997 Laphroaig

A metaphysical, alchemic cask. It might have been blessed by a druid in post-Roman Britain.

This distillery represents the history of whisky, and we stand before a malt which has bewitched millions of connoisseurs. The bouquet opens up as mossy and earthy. The corollary of subsequent sensations immediately carries a smooth tune with a vanilla and a fruit arpeggio. All against the drone of elegant never-invasive, never-redundant peat.

The Palate is now dancing.

This: myrtle, juniper, toasted sesame and our beloved Sicilian cakes – from the Catania area to be exact – giving life to those notes which round off and mellow this sweet and smoky whisky which is a lucky marriage between smoke and cream.

The planets are aligned, the sunset is just right and the stars appear on the horizon. All we can say is… Magnifico.


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