Samaroli Magnifico Single Malt Scotch 1994 Macallan

A path beginning in 1994 and ending today. A work of art from the northeastern folds of Europe reaching your glass and ready to enthrall. The nosing immediately awakens a fan of long-dozing sulfurous notes which are unleashed ad this Oloroso Macallan conquers the sides of our glass. After freeing itself, the saline somewhat kicks in, along with a certain fragrant quality. Finally and surprisingly it comes across as sweet in the mouth, as succulent as cherries in May. Here an extinguished match, there, a thermal fumarole. A range of strident yet oily scents. We find these perceptions overturned on the palate, the sweet tones liberated quickly, and the more linear suite of sensations playing hard to get, even resisting until the finish. Dried fruits and quince jam – yes, opposites do attract and complement each other to a tee – in a medley of shades and impressions which unfortunately have been long forgotten.


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