Samaroli 2008 Royal Brackla Single Malt Scotch 2022

Beauty is a gift. Is sensuality a quality? Chicago in the twenties (we are in the last century of course) awaits us. A time where all the world wanted to forget, perhaps too much. Fresh and mature, savory and sweet, lovable and hateful – the latter exclusively because it will come to an end, both in the glass and the bottle. Provoking, regal. Flirty yet haughty. This a very sensual sherry interpretation. A complete and exhilarating whisky enticing us to fantasies, and to imagine scenes from gangster films. So let’s ride on our 1928 T1, chasing tones and aromas. Among the dominating ones we clearly spot confectioner’s custard, cosmetics, oat, prairie herbs, leather, and tar. All in a symphony. Nose and palate play a game of opposites, and chase each other like cops and robbers.


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