Recess Blackberry Chai Sparkling CBD Drink

Blackberry Chai’s tendency to keep to himself— combined with his striking good looks and enigmatic personality —causes people to view him as cool and mysterious, but the other cans (who knew him when he was in high school) have seen him carefully craft this image over time. He is often spotted hanging out with Kylie Jenner’s friend’s friends or looking bored in the front row of a Yeezy runway show.

Tasting Notes: Bright and spicy, like discovering the answer to an impossible question. Brewed with chai spices, black tea and rose petals for a classic spicy chai with subtle blackberry undertones that inexplicably makes perfect sense.

  • serving size: 12oz
  • carbs: 3g
  • total sugars: 3g
  • added sugars: 0g
  • calories: 15
  • potassium: 42mg
  • broad spectrum hemp extract: 10mg


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