Legends Yeah C’mon! Straight Bourbon

Attention Bourbon Lovers! Southside Steve here and always being in high gear means living my best life. Born Atlanta, raised on the Southside, and a longtime morning radio host, I strive to have fun and have done a lot of crazy things including living on a billboard for 39 days, owning a Smokey and the Bandit themed bar, getting married for one day and of course, still rock’n my 10-inch ponytail.

One thing I am serious about though is the bourbon I drink. I like my bourbon sweet yet smooth with no harsh burn and my 80 proof “Yeah C’mon! Bourbon” by Legends Distillery is everything I love, so if loving me is wrong, be wrong! When things in life are extraordinary and I am living life to the fullest, I like to say Yeah C’mon!, my way of saying “Hell Yeah!”

I would like to introduce you to the best-tasting small-batch bourbon you will ever experience. Sweet, easy-drinking bourbon whisky blended in small batches and finished using a patented QP filtration process by Spirits of the USA and good ol’ Georgia charm.

Join me, drink up and celebrate life on your terms, Yeah C’mon!


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