Haig Club Clubman Ginger Lime & Soda By David Beckham

Ginger Lime & Soda begins with an aroma of fresh ginger and a hint of spice, followed by a taste of crisp ginger ale with undertones of scotch, finishing with sweet ginger and a twist of lime.

Packaged in the same electric blue as the brand’s striking whisky bottle, Haig Club Clubman Canned Cocktails are convenient for warm-weather moments, whether enjoyed on the beach, poolside or while watching IMCF games. These pre-mixed cocktails taste delicious cold, straight from the can or poured over ice with a slice of citrus.

These fresh-tasting drinks are expertly crafted to honor David Beckham’s penchant for smooth luxury, accentuating the light, smooth taste of Haig Club Clubman. The whisky base gives these canned cocktails subtle notes of butterscotch, green apple and a lingering hint of cinnamon spice, while premium ingredients like fiery ginger root and bright citrus provide complexity and nuance.


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