George Dickel x Leopold Bros Three Chamber Rye 2022 Release

This award-winning whisky blends Leopold Bros’ celebrated Three Chamber Rye with George Dickel’s column still rye produced at Cascade Hollow Distilling Co.

The union between column distilled rye and Three Chamber distilled rye truly turns back the hands of time, returning to an era that saw heavy-bodied rye whisky served at bars and saloons throughout America. For cocktail enthusiasts, the collaboration offers the chance to make classic cocktails such as the Manhattan as it was made in the past, with the blend coming from the only distilleries currently operating this historic still type.

The blend initially boasts a floral nose of lavender, elderflower and rose balanced by sweet hints of maple syrup, marshmallow and cocoa. On the palate, rosewater, blackberries, caramel, lavender, fig and citrus are present followed by a finish combining earl gray, honey and cocoa. At 100 proof, fans can best enjoy this whisky neat or in a classic cocktail.


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