Forthwest Shiny Apple Whisky

A brilliant green apple nose immediately puts you in an orchard at harvest. The first sip is met with the complexity of warm brown sugar, grapefruit, floral notes and vanilla that blend together in a three-dimensional mashup of your senses. It’s a juicy masterpiece of flavors. A smooth, approachable spirit with a Canadian heart, calm Forthwestern soul, and fresh finish.

Most people enjoy the flavor, so we decided to bring more to the world. We started with some good-natured Canadian whisky, then introduced it to charismatic flavors. Aged in experienced oak barrels to keep it mellow, we finish the whisky with glacier-fed spring water from Mt. Hood. The water is like a secret ingredient except for the fact that we’re telling you about it. More technically, it’s vital to what makes you want to share it with your friends. Always flavorful. Always forward.


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