Fever-Tree Blood Orange Ginger Beer

Drawing on the expertise and shared passion for quality mixed drinks, Fever-Tree has worked with Maker’s Mark Bourbon to develop this custom flavor profile.

Fever-Tree Blood Orange Ginger Beer is specifically designed to pair with the characteristics unique to bourbon creating a delicious new take on the Kentucky Mule.

Blood Orange Ginger Beer has the fiery, full-bodied taste of Premium Ginger Beer, balanced with the subtle citrus flavor of Italian Blood Orange. Not too sweet on the palate and specifically made to be mixed, but equally delicious on its own.

By substituting cane sugar for fruit sugars, Blood Orange Ginger Beer has 57% fewer calories than Premium Ginger Beer.

Taste: The blood oranges in our Blood Orange Ginger Beer have a very distinctive flavour, which is sweeter and softer than table oranges. The sweet notes of the blood oranges, combined with our signature blend of three real gingers to make this deliciously refreshing mixer like no other.


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