E.H. Taylor Bigfoot Bourbon Barrel Aged

Since 1983, Bigfoot Barleywine has captivated beer drinkers for its versatility — a force when fresh, and an adventure when aged. But the pinnacle of Bigfoot flavor? Hibernation in spirit barrels. And there are no distilleries more awarded than Buffalo Trace Distillery whose E.H. Taylor, Jr. Collection honors the “Father of the Modern Bourbon Industry.” Together we hand-selected Kentucky bourbon barrels to finish a 7-year vintage of Bigfoot Barleywine. If you’re lucky enough to hold this extremely limited bottle, may you enjoy it alongside the best of friends and family.

Sierra Nevada x E.H. Taylor Bigfoot Bourbon Barrel-Aged is E.H. Taylor, Jr. bourbon’s first national beer collaboration.

Tasting Notes: Rich flavors of molasses, caramel and burnt sugar, balanced by whole-cone Pacific Northwest hops found in Sierra Nevada’s cult-classic Bigfoot Ale.


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