Douglas Laing Old Particular 21 Year Old Port Dundas 2000

Old Particular is a “particularly” sought-after range of individually-selected, specialist scotch whiskies from all over Scotland, our third-generation family business is committed to bringing you the finest scotch whiskies exactly as we believe the distiller intended; without coloring or chill-filtration, and at a high alcohol strength, ensuring the whisky in your glass is as close as most come to experiencing that rarest of pleasures – savoring a dram straight from its cask in the hallowed surroundings of a distillery warehouse.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Icing sugar dusted over freshly baked lemon meringue pie alongside gentle spices

Palate: Caramel and butterscotch developing to hard candy and charred oak

Finish: Vanilla drift in and out with ripe tangerines and apple candy


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