Dewar’s French Smooth Apple Brandy Cask Finish

Dewar’s French Smooth is a result of finishing the brand’s signature 8-year-old, double-aged blend in Apple Brand Calvados casks from the orchards of Normandy, France. The unexpectedly decadent Dewar’s French Smooth utilizes the oak that creates the traditional Calvados cider to enhance the sweetness of the liquid to develop a delicious blend between baked apples, citrus, and a hint of cinnamon. Given this unique characteristic, the notes on the nose create a complex yet sweet smell with a honeyed sweetness and a dusting of creme anglaise.

Thanks to the crisp taste of the apples, the finished product becomes a perfect study of balance, creaminess, and the encapsulation of the best of France & Scotland coming together while providing a modest price point for the supremely smooth liquid.

Perfectly paired with apple picking season, this liquid embodies the essence of the fall and encaptures that warm cozy feeling.


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