Deerhammer Cask Strength Hickory Smoked Whiskey

Created to showcase some serious western fortitude, our Hickory Smoked Whiskey will inspire you to sip (or shoot) under the wild, WILD western skies. Built as a classic American whiskey and both from new frontiers, our Hickory Smoked Whiskey begs to be enjoyed while burning daylight, hooting and hollering, and reveling in all things free and majestic.

This stuff rolls straight from the cask with an in-your-face hickory wallop that comes from a day-long cold smoking process. From there, we keep it going with a 100% Colorado grain sour mash, 4-day open ferment, and direct-fire double pot still distillation before laying down for 2 years in our own used whiskey barrels. This process proudly offers up a rough and tumble, non-highfalutin, all-Colorado whiskey.


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