Death Row Records Red Wine Limited Edition

Formed in 1991, Death Row Records catapulted gangster rap into the mainstream consciousness dropping hits that continue to stand the test of time.

With a combination of phenomenal music, groundbreaking production, larger-than-life artists, and remarkable savvy, Death Row Records became an icon.

Now, the legendary Hip Hop label bottles a huge hit!

When you’re not sippin’ on gin and juice, this red wine runs deeper than the homies. Pop the cork and enjoy flavor richer than your bands. Round and soft, with good weight and body… and the wine is nice too. If we had to make it slap it might go something like this… Another hit come to pass, red wine in your glass. Pop the cork and the flavor hit richer than your bands. Thick, round and soft with good weight and body. The wine’s nice too and now we got a party


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