Cooter Brown’s Bourbon Whiskey

Cooter Brown’s Bourbon is presented by Cooter Brown’s Twisted Kitchen & McClintock Distilling.

Legend has it that Cooper Brown was a real man alive and well during the mid-nineteenth century, Young Cooter resided somewhere along the seemingly innocuous line that divided the north and south. Cooter’s relatives of both Northern and Southern blood lived on the fateful line. As tensions grew and war became imminent, Cooter found himself in quite the quandary. Cooter, a naturally peaceful and amiable fellow even at the worst time, was faced with the impossible decision of choosing which side and which family members with which to side. Cooter chose a third option: he got drunk. He got so drunk and stayed so drunk, in fact, that he became useless to either side and therefore ineligible for service in the entire Civil War. We hope to carry on the tradition that Cooter began by keeping a fair balance in our lives, home, and of course our food which mixes the best of the South with Northern and other world influences. So raise your glass to Cooter, and toast to a peaceful existence.


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