Compass Box Delos The Extinct Blends Quartet

The Extinct Blends Quartet

Fashions change, and formulae suit. Blended whiskies of the 1970s, ’80s, and ‘90s are very different from today’s versions, even when the brand name remains the same. The Extinct Blends Quartet as it unfolds will reimagine four of our favorite blended Scotches from yesteryear, using some of our rarest and most idiosyncratic stocks of whisky.


Following on the Ultramarine, the series continues with Delos. This whisky takes its name from the Island said to be the birthplace of Apollo in Greek mythology and is modeled on one of our own lost whiskies: Asyla.

With Delos, we have focused on capturing Asyla’s vibrancy and soothing sweetness, turning to older stocks to achieve this. First created in 2001, Asyla was the ethereally beautiful cornerstone of our cote range until its retirement in 2018. ‘Asyla’ is the plural form of the word ‘asylum’ and suggests places of safety, sanctuary, or retreat; a glass of this delicate, American-oak accented blended Scotch always felt like a holiday to us.

Littered with mosaics and ruined ancient temples, the island of Delos embodies the ideal of a beautiful, classical sanctuary. It is the perfect name for a whisky that reimagines Asyla using antique, rarefied components. Malt whiskies from the Glen Elgin, Imperial, and Miltonduff distilleries – all from American oak barrels – bring enticing exotic fruit and vanilla notes while lush and fragrant grain whisky preserves the delicate mouthfeel that was Asyla’s hallmark.

Like the antique mosaics of the Greek islands, too many pieces are missing to restore Asyla to our range permanently. However, the liquid contained within Delos allows us a brief escape to a new island paradise that is nevertheless familiarly sumptuous and meditative.


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