Buffalo Trace O.F.C 1995

Television audiences are tuning in to watch Seinfeld, Friends, and ER. On the rapidly-growing internet, eBay makes its debut as “AuctionWeb” and Amazon sells its first book. Starbucks launches a frozen drink called a Frappuccino. At the box office, moviegoers flock to see Batman Forever, Apollo 13 and Toy Story—the first computer-animated film in history. Michael Jordan calls off his brief baseball career and returns to basketball with two words: “I’m back.”

The O.F.C. vintage-dated bourbons have a name derived from this National Historic Landmark’s original moniker — the O.F.C. Distillery — renowned for producing top class whiskey during its tenure.

Tasting notes for this bourbon describe cherry cordial on the nose followed by caramel and slightly smoked-oak. Dark chocolate, tobacco leaves and dates are found on the palate, followed by a lingering finish of leather, black pepper and cinnamon


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