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Lobos 1707 Tequila by Lebron James

Lobos 1707 Tequila by Lebron James has its roots in the late XVII century, in the period of the arrival to the new Spain, currently know as Mexico, where in the port of Santa Maria, ships started their journey sailing towards the New World. Heading specifically to the coasts of Mexico.

One of the protagonists of these journeys was the viceroy Diego Osorio, a prominent member of the aristocracy of the time.

These ships carried barrels from southern Spain with sweet wine in their cellars. Once they reached the port and its contents were consumed in Mexico, those same barrels were filled again with agave liquor and returned to Spain.

The Spaniards age the tequila liqueur in barrels of sweet grapes from southern Spain to create a unique distillate that today, 6 centuries later, Diego Osorio, one of the founding partners of Lobos 1707, has traveled the world in search of his past and these unique flavors lost in history and recently recovered by him, one of the viceroy’s descendants in order to recreate and offer the world a variety of unique tequilas with the union of two worlds.