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Leopold Bros Three Chamber Rye

The search for the latest and greatest bottles never ends and we have one coming this month that you definitely won’t want to miss. Todd Leopold, of Leopold Bros, a Colorado-based distillery, has resurrected the taste and style of pre-prohibition whiskey with his bottle of Three Chamber Rye. This innovative bottle did not come easy, he literally started from the bottom up, investing the time and resources to have the leading still building company, Vendome Copper and Brass Works, replicate the now extinct three-chamber still. While the vintage still design is a major contributor to the distinctive palate that Three Chamber Rye offers, it is not the only factor, the company also uses a lower starch rye variety ( Abruzzi), as well as a lower barrel proof of 50% ABV. Together these well thought out techniques and ingredients provide a beautiful palate that overflows with floral aromas along with a delicious characteristic spice that delivers a bit of history in every sip. This bottled in bond expression will be released mid to late June so preorder now for your chance at a taste of authentic one-of-a-kind rye.