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James Ownby Reserve Bourbon

Charcoal filtered using the Lincoln County Process and aged in American virgin charred oak barrels, James Ownby Reserve Tennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a rich, warm, deep caramel, easy-sipping spirit with a distinctly southern soul.

MOST MEN LIVE LIVES OF QUIET DESPERATION, but James Ownby was not most men. He lived a life so epic we still tell his tale to this day – usually around a bonfire, and always around a bottle. You see before there was an ‘America’, or a land called ‘Tennessee’, there was man, named James Ownby, who braved the unsettled frontier and forged an enduring family legacy. As a soldier, he was dedicated. Enlisting at the age of 17, and serving 6 tours of duty throughout his esteemed military career, James fearlessly fought for our young country‘s freedom, for his beliefs and for a better way of life. His most notable service came as a member of the renowned ‘Overmountain Men’ regiment under the command of Colonel John Sevier in the Battle of Kings Mountain – a battle which Thomas Jefferson fittingly deemed “the turn of the tide of success.”

As a pioneer, he was prolific. James set down roots in the area surrounding the Great Smoky Mountains and built a life for himself and his family. The Ownby’s became known as one of the original five families who significantly settled in the state we now call Tennessee and the acorns from his family tree have become a mighty grove of oaks across the once wild land.