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Jack Daniel’s 10 Year Old

Introducing Jack Daniel’s 10 Year Old Tennessee Whiskey. This is the first since prohibition that Jack Daniel’s has had an age statement on one of it’s bottles.

Select barrels of whiskey were aged for at least seven years on the top floors of the distillery’s Lynchburg, Tennessee, warehouses, before being moved to the first floor to finish out their lifespan.

“So this barrel spent the first seven or eight years of its life on the top floor,” explains ​​Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller Chris Fletcher, “then we moved it to the bottom floor of one of our rack houses, which is very cool. That really slowed [the aging] down. So we kind of seared it up top, then we slow-simmered it for the last couple of years down on that bottom floor. We don’t want it to get overdone.”