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Estrella Jalisco X Sofia Reyes Tropical Chamoy Michelada

With more than 100 years of Mexican brewing tradition, Estrella Jalisco is announcing the latest addition to its Michelada portfolio with the new Tropical Chamoy Michelada. The refreshing and flavorful lager is a fruity spin on the Mexican brunch staple, arriving just in time for the outdoor dining boom this Spring. Featuring a 3.5% ABV, the traditional lager packs a delicious punch, blending the sweet and tart taste of pineapple with a kick of heat from clamato and chamoy.

Estrella Jalisco’s Tropical Chamoy Michelada is a refreshing and flavorful lager – a fruity spin on the classic beer cocktail. Featuring a 3.5% ABV, the lager packs a delicious punch, blending pineapple, clamato and chamoy.

But like… WTF is Chamoy? The colorful Mexican flavor is widely loved but hard to describe. In fact, the term doesn’t even have an official definition! To help solve the age-old mystery, Estrella Jalisco is enlisting help from Mexican singer, songwriter and chamoy-enthusiast Sofia Reyes, who is rallying fans to submit their best definition of chamoy with @Estrella Jalisco for a chance to win two Tropical Chamoy swag kits and a year-long supply of Tropical Chamoy Micheladas. Comment with your definition through April 15 using @EstrellaJalisco, #TropicalChamoy and #contest on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

“Growing up in Monterrey, chamoy is a flavor I loved putting on candy and fruit — it sparks nostalgia and even now I enjoy it on the rim of my beers and micheladas! It shocked me to learn that it’s not in the English or Spanish language dictionary,” says Sofia Reyes. “I’m excited to help Estrella Jalisco spread awareness of chamoy’s wonderful and complex flavor and I’m looking forward to seeing all the creative definitions people share!”

Estrella Jalisco also believes it’s time to add some new flavor to the dictionary. To help define the sweet-salty-spicy-sour flavor once and for all, Estrella Jalisco is launching a petition asking Merriam-Webster to add chamoy to the dictionary. Fans are invited to sign the petition at

“Our Tropical Chamoy Michelada is a completely new flavor for American consumers in a ready-to-drink product, designed to evoke a modern connection to a Mexican tradition,” says Jayden Kahl, Senior Director, Estrella Jalisco, Anheuser Busch. “But while people absolutely love chamoy, most don’t know how to define it. As we introduce chamoy’s unique, delicious taste to a wider audience, we’re hoping to open more palates to a Mexican staple, and give it the recognition it deserves.”