Earth Day 2020 | Saving our planet one bottle at a time

It may seem twisted that for many, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, is occurring when multiple lands across the globe have limited access to their country’s largest natural attractions. People now more than any other date in recent history are most likely longing to enjoy the outdoors in the capacity they did before the global pandemic. During this unique moment in history, when we see vast ranges in human behavior ranging from the greedy and selfish to the generous and kind, our goal should be to shine a light on those who are forces for good in these dark days. Today, as we show appreciation for our Earth and all the living things on it, we should also acknowledge the beverage brands that have committed to eco-friendly practices to save our planet one bottle at a time.

Greenbar Distillery Craft Spirits

Every time you buy a bottle of Greenbar Distillery’s spirits, they plant a tree! With Sustainable Harvest International, the company is helping to rebuild the rainforests of Central America. Since 2008, Greenbar Distillery has planted more than 843,108 trees, which in turn has helped erase the one-day carbon footprint of more than 12 million Americans. By using only certified organic ingredients, Greenbar Distillery’s spirits help maintain clean farmland and groundwater and prevent adding artificial fertilizers, synthetic pesticides or genetically modified organisms to our world.

Greenbar Distillery, which boasts the largest portfolio of organic spirits in the world has also taken steps to reduce packaging waste and pollution by using lightweight bottles and 100% post-consumer waste recycled labels, AND for every 2 oz. pour of Greenbar Distillery products that’s enjoyed, the drinker’s carbon footprint for the day is completely erased! Learn more about how that works here.

All of Greenbar Distillery’s products can be purchased online via buygreenbar.com and at select stores across the country. Prices range from $

North Coast Brewing Company

Beer Brands That Give Back - North Coast Brewing Company

If you’d rather cheers with a beer, North Coast Brewing Company has a wide variety of brews that support a range of causes—proceeds from their Steller IPA support marine mammal conservation. As a B Corp, NCBC is dedicated to treating their employees fairly, cultivating zero waste programs, and giving back through monetary donations and employee volunteer hours.

KingView Mead

Mead — or honey wine — relies on bees to make the product; but KingView Mead is so passionate about bees’ vital role in the environment, they donate a portion of profits to local beekeepers–even when the beekeeper’s honey doesn’t go into the beverage. KingView Mead wants the local beekeeping community to grow. This helps keep food costs lower and increases the biodiversity in forests, meadows, waterways — basically the entire planet. Their Mead-For-Bees program donates 10% of all sales to the direct purchase of new boxes, frames and bee colonies for local beekeepers and apiaries. Every $1 donated helps to release 150 bees into the world.

Snow Leopard Vodka

Spellbound is how Stephen Sparrow felt when he first encountered one of the very elusive snow leopards of the Himalayan mountains, before it disappeared from sight. This split second changed Stephen forever, and driven by this passion, Snow Leopard was born. Six times distilled from spelt and other fine grains for a distinct, creamy texture, it is unlike any other Vodka — not only does it have an exceptional taste, but 15% of profits are invested to the Snow Leopard Trust to create a sustainable life for the leopards to survive for future generations.