American Whiskey Bourbon Whisky/Whiskey

Creator’s Cut Bourbon Whiskey

Creator’s Cut is made and bottled by hand. We experimented with a range of charred American white oak staves to add body and dial up notes of maple syrup and dried citrus, and fell in love with the result – the bottle you’re enjoying today.

The Legend of Creator’s Cut

Our heroine toiled tirelessly with notes of cherry, wood and spice. Upon striking the perfect balance, she heard a knock at the door. There stood the Devil, demanding the batch for himself. Not to be left out, the Angels descended to wage an epic battle for a portion. In the final days, our heroine brokered a truce: the Devil would get his share, but not before the Angels took their cut. Thankfully our heroine stashed a bottle, the Creator’s Cut, to rebuild the recipe and bring it to you.