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Custom builders have used BMW’s R nineT as the foundation for some of the most creative builds in the two-wheeled world. With the introduction of the R 18, BMW gave the cruiser faction a whole new toolbox to play with — one which Bernhard Naumann has used to great effect. Naumann’s method is to design while working — he never uses sketches and lets the build develop rather than locking himself into a particular idea of what the bike should be. The result is a stunning long-distance cruiser that would look right at home crossing the Continent 100 years ago as it does today. The most notable feature is the front fairing and kidney-shaped headlight, a callback to BMW’s famous automotive grille design. The tank was modified with knee cutouts to emphasize a sporting character, while the taillight was replaced with a custom unit from Kellermann. Classic white BMW pinstriping adds another retro BMW touch to this unique bike.