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In the early 1970’s, Porsche’s domination of the five-liter prototype category with the 917 was so complete that the FIA removed it from the rulebook. Porsche decided to focus its racing efforts in the Group 4 GT sports car class, using the 911 S as a base. The Carrera RS was the result, becoming one of the most iconic models to come from Stuttgart. Of the 1,525 Carrera RS models produced, only 17 were RSH’s built for homologation, and this is one of the 17. The car was delivered new to a Porsche dealer in Holland before crossing the Atlantic to Los Angeles, trading hands several times over the years. A trip to Bruce Canepa in the 2000’s brought the car back to its original specifications, while a further refresh in 2016 replaced the few non-original parts with period-correct ones. The car is now being offered for private sale to its next owner.