Co-developed by Cantieri Timossi and the Ferrari Scuderia F1 team, the Ferrari Arno XI racing boat was built specifically to set the speed record in the 800kg class. Originally driver Achille Castoldi commissioned the craft, but once Enzo Ferrari discovered they were painting the upper body his signature Rosso Corsa red, he sent along his team — and a race-prepped Grand Prix engine — to help the cause. After modifying the engine to handle methanol fuel and increasing total output to between 550 and 600 hp, it set a record of 150.49 mph that still stands to this day. Undergoing a complete restoration by Ferrari Classiche, it’s available for sale, along with a well-documented history file that includes hundreds of period photographs, handwritten notes from Ferrari’s engineers, and a copy of the U.I.M. record certification that attests to Castoldi’s 1953 speed record.